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Log Home Repair in Colorado

Log Home Repair in Colorado

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If you own a log home in the mountains of Colorado, Log Home Finishing understands your need to protect your log home cabin investment.  As you drive around the mountain communities of Breckenridge, Bailey, or Bueana Vista, Colorado you will observe many styles of log homes, d-log homes, sweedish cope and full round custom log homes.  Many of the log homes in Colorado were built between 10 - 20 years ago during the big boom log home construction times which have come and gone.  Building of new log homes is not as popular now, but purchasing existing log homes are even more popular now and are a huge investment.  Part of the log home investment involves maintaining the log home and sometimes even log home restoration.

Modern log home sealing products from Sashco and Permachink do a wonderful job of protecting a log home however these log sealants must be maintained to do their job to seal the log home.  Permachink for example recommends washing their stain Ultra-2 log stains with Permachink Log Wash annually in order to maintain the finish.  Sashco, a Colorado company produces log stain and recommends re-coating their Capture / Cascade and Sashco Transformation finishes every 2 - 3 years to maintain the high quality finish to protect the log home.  Unfortunately too many log home owners neglect the maintenance interval re-coating of stain and allow the logs to get to the log home restoration phase where simple re-coating is not enough.

Log Home Finishing recommends re-coating the finish on your log home often to maintain the integrity of the stain and to protect the logs.  Re-coating Permachink Ultra-2 stain is as simple as washing with Log Wash and re-coating the Lifeline Advance topcoat every 2-3 years.  Sashco Capture / Cascade gets pressure washed to clean every 2 - 3 years, and then the topcoat Cascade is applied as a recoat to add life to the log finish stain and give a nice even finished sheen to the logs.

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Removing old chinking from d-log cabin Meeker, Colorado.

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