Saturday, June 13, 2015

Log Home Maintenance

Log Home Maintenance
The mountains of Colorado have more log home cabins like this one than anywhere else on Earth.  UV damage and water and a general lack of log home maintenance over the past 10 years have lead to this log home getting damaged.  Log Home Finishing in the photos below is media blasting with walnut shell to remove the old finish stain on this log home restoration project.  The log home stain had turned dark and was in need of log home maintenance in order to protect the logs and seal the log home properly.  Log chinking had not been applied to the logs so this log home cabin near Hartsel, Colorado in Park County, Colorado will be chinked with Sashco Log Jam chinking and stained with Sashco Capture / Cascade log stain, the best log home water based stain.

log home maintenance

Colorado log home

media blasting log home

If you have a log home in need of repair or log home care in Colorado contact Log Home Finishing for a cabin maintenance inspection to determine how to maintain your log home and determine the cost of maintaining a log home.  Log Home Finishing uses the best log home maintenance supplies available including stain from Sashco, Sikkens, and Permachink to stain, chink, and seal your mountain log home cabin in Colorado.

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