Thursday, October 29, 2015

Evergreen Colorado Log Home Restoration

Ready For Log Home Maintenance & Repair?
Log Home Finishing can make your logs look like this.  This log home cabin is in Evergreen Colorado.  The logs were prepared with glass media blasting and further sanded using the Osborne Brush.  Sashco Transformation Log and Timber finish was used to stain the log home and the log chinking is Sashco Log Jam chinking in the very popular buff color.  

Log stain is Sashco Transformation Log and Timber and Log Jam Chinking

Colorado Log Home Finishing is the best company in Colorado for your log home cabin maintenance.  We begin projects with a full inspection of your log home to determine what has been done in the past to seal the log home and what needs to be done now to restore and seal your log home.  Log homes need quality application of stain and chinking and good products from Sashco and Permachink when applied properly to the logs should last for many years.  The goal of Log Home Finishing is to provide a quality, desirable finish on your log home which can be easily maintained into the future.
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