Saturday, March 14, 2015

Video of Log Home Restoration

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This is a video of a log home restoration project near Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Log Home Finishing crew is media blasting the logs with walnut shell to remove the old Permachink finish which has failed due to UV damage.

This log home video is a how to of log home media blasting a cabin with walnut shell. Colorado Log Home Finishing media blasting a log home near Colorado Springs Colorado.  This log home had old Permachink stain which required stripping before refinishing the logs.  The cabin had been neglected for many years and uv damage and water had damaged the logs on the log home.  After media blasting Log Home Finishing uses sanders and grinders to further prepare and clean the logs on the log home cabin.  The final preparation step before applying new log home stain is pressure washing the log home to clean and brighten.

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